Get Paid (a lot) for Asana Kickstart Referrals

…up to $1,500 per referral!


  • We spend a lot of time and money on marketing.
  • So, if YOU find people for us, we want to pay you instead.
  • Is it okay if we pay you a lot?

Ok, partner. Let’s do this:

1 – SUBMIT REFERRAL: Take 10 seconds to submit your referral

2 – MAKE INTRO: Make the introduction by email or text (optionally, you can use the templates we auto-send to you when you fill the form).

3 – GET EXTRA $200 BONUS IF YOU JOIN FOR THE INTRO CALL: Supersize your reward by joining us for the intro call (Zoom web call).

*You don’t have to present anything. Just be there and feel free to share your thoughts about the Asana Kickstart training and implementation.

4 – THEY SIGN UP: We also want to reward the referred client for trusting your recommendation and taking the time to talk. So, all clients that sign up through a referral will get a lifetime license to Asana Kickstart Academy to use as may times as they want ($1,500 value)!

5 – YOU GET PAID: Once your referral signs up and pays their invoice, we’ll send your reward payment to you wrapped in gold digital wrapping paper. We offer service packages from $1,800 to $13,000… and YOU make 10% of that PLUS $200 just for joining the intro call! That means you make a minimum of $380 per successful referral… up to a maximum of $1,500every. single. referral!

*BONUS: Oh, and one more thing: For those clients who worked with us before we had a referral program, we want to do something special for you. Every single referral provided by anyone employed at your company will land an additional $200 Visa Gift card in your inbox… every time. 🙂 That’s in addition to the standard reward payment.

Thanks for helping us get this far.